Abrites Common Setup

Latest version: 20180126


File NameSizeMD5 Checksum
SetupInterface_Common.exe 1.18MB e4252d4115edbcecfade17fc8c25f111
SetupInterface_Common-1.bin 1.95GB cf80324b6912cfd98a888ffcc5ecbbfc
SetupInterface_Common-2.bin 1.96GB 030d2ecb492d234197f5d787d3237cef
SetupInterface_Common-3.bin 109.44MB 85df5cbbd7b835e36f954f3ab0ce39b0

Peer-to-peer Download

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Direct Download

Please download all three files and make sure they are stored in the same folder. Start the executable file SetupInterface_Common.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note that the preferred option is the peer-to-peer download. Alternatively, you can also use the direct download option.